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¡¡¡¡Approved by Jiangsu Provincial Finance Department £¨Approval Number: Su Accounting [2006] No. 39£©£¬ Suzhou Heng An Xin Assets Appraisa+ Office obtained its qualification certificates £¨No+ 32060008£© in June, 2006.The office owns more than 200 square meters of offce real estate with profess onal & office equipment worth 200,000.Mr.Lu Jia is the chief partner,with the tite of China CPV£¬Chinese Certified Real Estate Appraisers£¬Chinese Certified Tax Agents£¬Mr.Lu Jia has engaged with valuation,audit,financial affairs,investment and consultation for a long time, he has more than ten years working experience, arid has been enjoying widely good reputation.
¡¡¡¡ The office has 7 Registered Assets Appra sets 3 Registered Real Estate Appraisers arid 2 Registered Land Appraisers. There are 15 professional & technical pract tioners in the office of which 11 owned medium-gradeprofessional title or above and 1 owned high-grade professional title. 5 departments are set in the office, of which are Appra se 1, Appraise 2,Marketing Quality Cont o1, a~qd Admin stration.AI the department,t managers are registered topract ce as qual fied p~ofessiona s
¡¡¡¡ The average age of Registered Assets Appra serswith CPV cert ficate in the office s 35. The office staff is young, professional well trained, vibrant and full of energy and passion
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